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The venerable Sea King workhorse has been around for 50+ years & here is given a cool Andy Warhol makeover.

Sikorsky won a US Navy contract for an amphibious anti-submarine warfare helicopter, designated ‘Sea King’ in the late 1950’s. Sikorsky saw the potential & quickly developed a civvy version, the S-61 which first flew in, you guessed it, 1961.

The S-61/Sea King saw service all over the globe in numerous different roles including retrieval of manned space capsules, as 'Marine One' the US Presidents helicopter of choice & on SAR missions, mostly in Sea King guise.
Although the S-61 is being phased out nearly everywhere, it’s hard to kill a good thing & a modernized version, the S-61T is on the showroom floor & once again the US government is signing up.

MAX MUMBLES says: “S-61T. New clothes for an old king”