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Your one-stop-shop for car t-shirts, bike t-shirts and more.

Bensin is a t-shirt company specializing in unique t-shirt designs for car lovers across the globe. The name Bensin, taken from the Indonesian word for petrol, is a salute to that international focus. Our focus is to become the world’s favourite petrolpop t-shirt shop.

For those who find wearing a car logo or image just a little too obvious, Bensin has cool and uber nerdy alternatives for your favourite car movie or biker brand.

With a wide selection of high-quality prints covering everything from iconic movie cars to popular petrolpop slogans, we’ve got something for every fan of our beloved gasoline in store. Check out Bensin biker motorcycle t-shirts, for our 2-wheeled friends.

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Disclaimer: Armpit areas still subject to sweat stains.

Looking for background info on your new Petrol Pop t-shirt? Our resident car, bike & film ‘expert’ MAX MUMBLES has dropped nuggets of wisdom throughout the site.

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