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The reason we have a credit crisis is that bankers created it & they did it because they are stupid. Banksters pumped billions of dollars into a giant property ponzi scheme which then collapsed.

The official government response to all this bad debt was & continues to be a bailout of the banksters, with all the world's central bankers printing billions more dollars every month to cover their bad bankster buddie's mistakes.

So we never forget how stupid they are, we have created the bankster's hole helo dumping service, to give 'em the ride of their lives. Banksters sure love their helicopter money, so we think this is a fitting tribute to their pompous & inept ways as they continue to fail us all.

MAX MUMBLES says: "'Our capital position at the moment is strong.' A quote from former 'Lehman Brothers' CFO Ian Lowitt, five days before the firm went bankrupt. Great job guys"