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Niki Lauda the legendary F1 racing driver was extraordinary.

A calculating champion, who understood winning races was not necessarily the key to winning championships.

Despite being born into a wealthy family, he took great financial risks to get into F1 as his family were against his racing career. “If I wanted to get into F1,” he said, “I had no choice…”

He caught the attention of Enzo Ferrari & this partnership helped forged the Lauda legend.

He was burned in a shocking accident during the 1976 German GP & subsequently received the last rites… yet six weeks later he finished fourth at Monza in a Nomex balaclava bloodied by his unhealed burns.

RUSH is based on this incredible period of his life & the rivalry & friendship with another racing legend James Hunt.

MAX MUMBLES says: “Niki Lauda was a great man”