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The GMC Vandura van, always at the centre of A-Team mayhem & a real automotive icon. Vandura vans were actually pretty rubbish. They were underpowered, despite huge 6.2-litre V8 diesel engines & ropey handling didn't help either. However, for transporting four badasses & a shedload of weapons, it couldn't be beaten.

The Vandura van was owned by Mr. T (Sergeant Bad Attitude Bosco Albert Baracus). BA's catchphrases include: "Hannibal's on the jazz," "I ain't gettin' on no plane!" 

But everyone's favourite has to be Howlin' Mad Murdock. The character of Murdock was almost written out of the series before it aired, as producers thought the character was way too "over the top". Thankfully, the popularity of the character amongst test audiences convinced the producers to keep him in & now you can embrace him with this t-shirt!

MAX MUMBLES says: "I love it when a van comes together”