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The General Lee, celebrated Dodge Charger, driven by Cousins Bo & Luke in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. Made famous by 'yeeeeeeehah' jumps in every episode & for having the doors welded shut, leaving the Dukes to climb in through the windows, often copied by fans despite standard doors.

320 General Lees were destroyed in the series; as few as 17 originals still exist in various states of repair. On average, more than one General Lee was written off per show. When filming jumps, 1000Ibs of concrete ballast was placed in the boot to prevent nose plants.

Stunt drivers reported enjoying the flights, but hating the landings.

MAX MUMBLES says: “People complain about all those Chargers being wrecked, but the car was only ten years old when the show started, so at the time it didn't matter....YEEEEEeeeehah".