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The Priest movie is inspired by a Korean comic book series & is about a futuristic world where mankind has been battling with Vampires for centuries. The film follows an undead priest who disobeyed his church to hunt down a bunch of blood thirsty Vampires. They kidnapped his niece & he pursues them on his 240 MPH jet powered motorcycle before they turn her into a vampire!

While the film's storyline is bonkers, the café racer motorcycles designed for the movie are world class. The original concept bike started out as a Suzuki Gladius. Extend the length by 7ft, lower the ride height, add a huge turbine fan & extreme styling panels (made of foam & wood) & hey presto, you’re ready to ride into battle against the murderous vampire hoard.

Max Mumbles says; “I can smell the blood running through your veins. Smells like... DINNER.”