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Why Funny T Shirt Sayings Work

Funny t shirt sayings can define the culture. Think of the old “I’m With Stupid” t shirt with the pointing hand. Of course it seems a bit naff now, but at a certain time, wearing it would have made you absolutely right for the moment. People are sometimes afraid of making a personal statement, but funny t shirt sayings let you do this without looking stiff and self-important.

Of course you’ve still got to get it right, and you want the t shirt to fit in with what you’re about, because if you don’t find it funny, then why should anyone else? The best kind of funny t shirt sayings are a window onto your world, sharing it with others in a way that makes you interesting and attractive.

Being in on the joke is the thing here. The right t shirt design will give you a humorous edge and people who see it, and get it, will feel they’re getting you too. It’s a way of projecting yourself, and a handy shortcut to the personality you’re putting out there. Seeing is believing, and Bensin have a whole, wide range of funny t shirt sayings for you to explore. We’re not going to describe them here, because that’s like explaining a joke and killing it at the same time. What you need to know is that we’re all about the glorious absurdity of gasoline culture and retro petrol-pop mayhem.

With Bensin you’re either on the bus or off the bus, and believe us when we say you’re better off being on board, even if the bus is heading off-road and down a dangerously steep gradient.

Our t shirts are full of the flavour of exhaust fumes and burnt tyres. they stand out like a dented fender, a dodgy re-spray or a monster truck careering down the high street.

Be noticed, be cool, be a bit badder with a Bensin t shirt.

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