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What Are the Best Funny Shirts for Guys?

Funny is the new cool, providing you get it right of course. When it comes to funny shirts for guys this is really, really important. Guys like funny t shirts but the shirt has to work for them. Because no one wants to look like an idiot. That’s the wrong kind of funny.

Bensin t shirts celebrate funny but with a retro cool edge. Our shirts aren’t too cool for humour, because that’s not cool at all, but they are designed to get the wearer noticed and admired in the right way. The best clothes say something about the personality of the wearer, so a t shirt statement is definitely putting it out there.

When guys wear Bensin t shirts it’s an invitation to be in on the joke, to be sussed to the culture. It’s like an instant passport to the VIP area in the hippest comedy joint in town. But it’s not stand-off hipster hip, it’s the glorious absurdity and rightness of gasoline culture and petrol pop perfection.

Steve Mcqueen’s Mustang in Bullitt, the bus balancing on the cliff-edge at the end of The Italian Job, a beautifully mangled Porsche on the driveway – these are things we like. Sometimes it’s about cheering on the plain wrong because it’s actually so right.

A Bensin t shirt is a window on to a different world, where winners aren’t good boys and losers are still winners because of the way they ran that VW Campervan at full throttle across the field and into a ditch. Recklessness is funny and cool and that’s the kind of inspiration we take and use to create our unique t shirt designs. Funny shirts for guys from Bensin are gloriously off-message which makes them absolutely spot on. If you want to celebrate the thrill of speed and don’t-give-a-damn edginess, generously spiked with humour, pull on a Bensin.

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